It is always painful dealing with death.


Since my 1995 incarceration almost 60% of the people I know are dead. These people have died for various reasons. Most of course was due to natural causes.

That brings me to mr. Hand, a 42 year old man with a L-I-F-E sentence. One he earned as a juvenile offender. He has also been incarcerated around 26 years. The point is, this guy had a really good shot at turning around his conviction. Around 2 years ago he had returned to the convicting court. He figured, like I figured, the State would relent and release him but that was NOT the case. He got what I got, a court appointed Appeal Attorney that had the State’s interest above his client.  My point is Hand died just the other day while doing sit-ups.  People talk around here but it was all conjecture sure because we don’t know why he died but we heard it was heart related.

In recent studies, it shows that when kids enter prison that early, they usually die behind bars at a very early age. It’s actually very mind boggling that a young man in great shape suddenly dies. It’s even more stressing that he basically died fighting for his life. 

Derrick L. Griffin, 13-01-2021