African Americans gripe about people killing blacks and I get that. Don’t get it twisted up, I’m not defending police brutality or killing blacks. This is my issue, every time I look at the evening news some African Americans gunned down another African American. I get it, in some cases it’s defending oneself but I’m writing about senseless murder. It was so bad in Chicago they changed the name of the city to ‘Chi-raq’ for slang. It’s not just happening in bigger cities, it’s also happening in Beaumont, Port Arthur and even smaller towns all across our State.

In particular this last incident happened to one of my classmates whom I’ve known for quite a while. He wasn’t just some random guy I knew. We at times hustled together, had a confrontation where I cowed down when I should have met the situation head on. However, Chris Rogers lost his son senselessly. When I heard that his son was shot down like that, it strucked a serious nerve inside me. Not long ago, my first cousin Jerome was also gunned down and killed. This type of things have happened for years in the small towns that I grew up in. It was all  about punching one another when I was a kid. Sure, I lost some and have won some but we walked away.


Now, this is my issue – we are marching and have been marching since 1960, screaming how whites are treating or killing us. But what about when we are doing the murdering? No one’s marching, no one’s screaming and we are still killing.

Check this out, here is a stat that we should focus on. With every cop killing there’s at least 10 more black on black murders. So to make it CLEAR that’s a 10 to 1 ratio. Is that sobering enough? How about this. Whites dry killed blacks for the smallest infraction. Blacks kill one another for tennis, words, colors, neighborhoods they don’t own.

My question is this: 

Who’s really racist?  Who really hate Afro Americans? It seems Blacks do by the way we treat and act towards one another.

If you want to check some facts? The Bureau of Justice Statistics published the Crime Victimization Statistics Report 2021 and it shows that those who commit violent acts tend to commit them against members of the same race as the offender (see table 15, 16 and 17).

Derrick L. Griffin, 08-06-2021