I truly enjoy music – I always have and always will. I came from a family who loves music. My biological father had a wonderful voice.  Once incarcerated in 1995, I lost touch with the music scene. On transfer facilities such as Holliday Unit, there are no electrical appliances available to anyone. That means no radio’s, fans, hot pots, nothing. This unit is designed for temporary housing. It’s consists of dorms only. Unfortunately for me I stayed two years. It was horrible for me without music.


Guys replaced their love for music with pounding on metal tables and the wall the repeating lyrics that we all knew and loved. In those days people always had someone on the tank with a wonderful voice. In those 50 men tanks, people would shout out various requests. The guy would sing his heart out. It reminded me of what slaves had to endure.

My small plastic radio


Once reassigned to an actual prison unit, one would have to purchase from the Commissary (prison store) what appeared to be a toy radio and headphones. We could only depend on radio stations. This is where I learned and fell in love with various genres of music. Classic Rock, Blues, some country (Chris Stapleton)  are on my favorite list now. That small plastic radio helps me get away from this place. When I write I pop them headphones on and listen. It reminds me of the days that I drove around in my cars and blasted music.

God, music is so wonderful.

Derrick L. Griffin 23-4-2021