Everybody is some sort of genius. We are simply too afraid to believe in the gift God gave us. In our minds we feel that our gift isn’t BIG enough to accomplish what we see others do with their respected gifts. My oldest sister’s gift is braiding hair, something she’s been doing since we were children. I can remember her braiding my hair so tight that it felt like my skin was apart of the braids. We were very young. It was her gift and it has carried her through life. My father was the lead singer of a gospel group. Upon reacquainting myself with my father, he used his voice to quell my anger. His smooth fingers tickled those ivories as his voice danced through my anger and past my soul. His voice was his blessing.

My gift
Work harder

Thank God I discovered my gift: writing. I always wrote very long letters but I simply did not know I had the gift of writing. In college in prison I became aware of it and I road my gift and it has saved my life. Finding my gift was one thing working ‘it’ was another. In a strange way God prepared me through my struggles to work hard, find a way and fight through my crap. It would all play an intricate part of what played out while using my gift from God. Think about it: work without faith is nothing. God will help you if you first help yourself.

So just because you found your gift it means nothing if you don’t couple it with work and faith. Look at it like this: imagine your gift as a seed that has to be cultivated. When I started my journey, I did not know how to write, my grammar and spelling were horrible and in some cases it still is. I had to study numerous books and formats. I made mistake after mistake, took numerous risks and I still fail. What it takes is perseverance, patience and work, work, work. That’s how we find our real genius.

Albert Einstein quoted: ‘Everybody is a genius but  if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.’

  1. Do you judge yourself based on abilities that others have?
  2. Are you proud of your own abilities?

Derrick L. Griffin, 05-07-2021