Every unit in prison in Texas has libraries. Some are wonderful. It will get you where you’re trying to go. From that point, you will have to order more books on any particular subject. At the end of the day it’s all on the person because they have a vast amount of organizations that donate free books to prisoners all over the United States.



I read virtually everything and anything to stay abreast of life outside. This includes the Wall Street Journal, IBD, SportsWeekly, USA Today which are my favorites. Most are passed along to me but information is information. I read too many magazines to mention here. I discover who’s doing what, here and why. It helps to read these publications. I walk away with a broader horizon. This enables me to plug in and contact those of interest. I’m a writer who writes screenplays, novels and stage plays. It’s important for me to find out what people need. How else can I talk about smartphones, Facetime, Facebook and so on without studying. I have no personal internet access. I depend on friends to Google various subjects and so on.

An old man’s love for comic books

In prison I’ve discovered that a vast amount of the prison population love comic books/graphic novels. I count in that bunch. I started my love as a child and at 50 years young, my love for the Avengers, X-men, Superfriends and others have not wavered. In fact, I can’t wait to go to Comic Con! My hobby will never change. I would appreciate it if  you would donate to me books via the bookstore. I will surely pass them around.

Derrick L. Griffin, 26-05-2021