I wrote 4 resumé’s about my development during the 25 years I am imprisoned. The topics refer to my education in general, my religious journey, my developments in relation to anger management and my journey as an author (which shows details about the book Mud which was published, as well as a summary of all the stories, novels, screenplays I wrote).

Below you will find information about the courses I followed how I could MANAGE MY ANGER.


Certificate of Completion Anger Management (Facing the fire within) at the Mark. W. Stiles  Unit, Certificate 2015  

Certificate ‘Student of the Week’ for excellence in Cognitive Intervention at the Mark W. Stiles  Unit, Certificate 2016

Certificate of Achievement for successfully completing the Cognitive Intervention Program by Windham School District at the Mark W. Stiles Unit, Certificate 2017

Certificate of completion the necessary coursework for the Voyager Class by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Certificate 2017

Derrick L. Griffin, 31-01-2021