‘Lord deliver me from the man who never makes a mistake and also from the man who makes the same mistake twice’.
Quote by Dr. William J. Mayo.
‘I’ve made a gazillion mistakes. We make them, we all make them. I am not one to say I’ve never made a mistake, only a fool says he makes no mistake’. 
Quote by Steve Harvey.

In some instances I make the same mistake 3 times. Making them happen. Taking full responsibility for my actions is what I’ve learned to do. It was a time in my journey that I allowed others to own my narrative, now I own my mistakes. It’s empowering to do so, and it kills the naysayers and some gossip. In prison there’s a lot of RUNNERS. People run to religion, gangs, psych, medication, drugs, work, very few run into themselves.

Jesus made a simple statement: ‘CLEAN OUT THE WINESACK’. I’ve done and I’ve observed others begrudgingly enter religion carrying mountains of luggage, thinking that life will be alright or they just forget about the MISTAKES – the PROBLEMS – the IGNORANCE or BAD HABITS … just hoping – they’ll simply go away.



I turned around and looked at all my CRAP – Wow! I wrote about them, I submerged myself in that pain but I grew – then after cleaning out all the defecation, I SLOWLY built a loving relationship with myself – then GOD. Then life flourished for me. Guess what? The naysayers were still insulting, THANK GOD FOR PATIENCE.

Derrick L. Griffin, 03-07-2021