I wrote 4 resumé’s about my development during the 25 years I am imprisoned. The topics refer to my education in general, my religious journey, my developments in relation to anger management and my journey as an author. In this topic you will find details about my WRITINGS.

Award for first prize essay contest sponsored by the Expression Magazine of Lamar State College, Port Arthur, Award 2008      

Published novel MUD (Making Unwise Decisions), Drama/screenplay – CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, ISBN-10: 1545139709, ISBN-13: 9781545139707, Published 2017

MUD is sold at Amazon.com


Other pending projects:

Drama, One long hot summer, Novel/Screenplay

Religious drama, Preacher, Screenplay

Autobiography, Uncommon factors, Novel/Screenplay

Horror, Hate breed, Screenplay

Fantasy, Endless, Screenplay

Comedy, Asshole, Screenplay

Woman’s lib, Bees, Stageplay

Comedy, DA Styles Unit, Screenplay

Drama, Is the sky the Limit, Screenplay

Drama, What a wonderful world, Show – 18 episodes

Horror, The Maze, Screenplay

Drama, Bubblegum – Yum, Novel

Drama, Another screwed up summer, Novel

Children’s book, Ta-Ta’s: Tutelages for the bad kids, Novel

Drama, Common, Screenplay

Animation, Lab Rats, Screenplay

Derrick L. Griffin, 31-01-2021