No matter where I go I seem to run into someone else that I knew from back home or years spent in prison. Today I went to get my eyes rechecked and ran into Morena, an old Hispanic partner of mine. It’s always good to see people still surviving prison. My boy has a capital murder – yeah, he also has a capital life sentence. His time makes my time look like child’s play. He has no choice but to fight for his life.

I wrote briefly about this guy because I hope those young guys out there adhere to this warning. I’ve done 26 years and counting. My associate will have to do much more. Jacking and robbing can get you one or two things: if you are arrested life without parole or the death chamber. Make the right choice, stay crime free or come here and enjoy these every 5 minutes flush at the toilet, constant wars with inmates and security guards, while losing everything you value out there.

There is nothing cool about prison. The old school player is telling you this. Stop screwing up. This place will hold you. I’m telling you, I’ve cried a million tears and nobody but me witnessed it.

Derrick L. Griffin, 02-09-2021