Prison clothes

Interesting enough the prison clothes are made up of a shirt with one pocket, collar and short sleeves. The pants have one back pocket and elastic waist bands. These clothes come in large to 5X and 6X. All socks are grey. The underwear are boxers, an old fashion type, that comes in the same sizes as the pants. Male and female prisoners all wear the exact same clothes. The towel is some type of hard cloth. When new it feels like hard plastic. Ironically, here of late, we are receiving half towels.


Upon showering in the mornings you enter the bathhouse with other prisoners. As you undress you drop off your dirty clothes and slide it through a small window. You shout out your size and given back, what is supposed to be, clean clothes. Moving along to the next window we get socks, boxers and half towels with an inch long by 3 centimeter thick bar of soap. These clothes are usually dirty.

So what I do is keep most of my clothes, bring a clean pair of underwear that I wash myself by hand. The only thing I use is the half towel and socks. The other clothes I hang on a line that’s made out of elastic from boxers. I could get an infraction for hanging up clothes during the day but I have to take my chances. Clean clothes are a must, even if I have to wash them in a toilet.

Derrick L. Griffin, 31-05-2021