What does it mean to be the change that’s real instead of personifying ‘jail talk’?

Before one can open his/her mouth I should illuminate newness. I am in a situation where I truly understand what it means to be bent towards wrong. In this environment wrong is highlighted as the thing to do. I have NEVER wanted to be the most popular inmate on any prison farm ever. How difficult is it ‘to empty the wine vessel and allow a new vessel to exist’ in prison? Overwhelming.

Running to the church house would the obvious choice, there it can happen but it is hard to ignore the obvious. Hypocrisy that’s all around you. It’s a one good deed at a time process until goodness becomes personified. In my small world view I am struggling in this pit of vipers to get there, one baby step at a time.

In here, it’s like we are afraid to become a quality human being with real self-worth.

Derrick L. Griffin, 2-11-2021