It’s a strange time. It seems as if everyone in the world is angry and protesting against their respective governments. This Corona virus has everyone on the edge – really afraid because of the over a million of deaths – I understand why! 

We bounce around population control behind these walls. From the looks of it, that may be true. It seems like every so many years a terrible disease hits the world out of nowhere. In my very small mind, I imagine that these are man-made diseases which are on a shelf somewhere and are strategically released  and each virus being more deadly than the last one. It’s actually amazing looking at the death toll over the years because of viruses. I be willing to guess that it’s been over several of millions, it may even be billions of deaths dating back to the Black Plague. 


Corona, like the AIDS virus, has taken the world. What I really wonder is why not pool together these same resources concerning other diseases? More questions than answers.


Derrick L. Griffin, 10-01-2021