‘Once you know who you really are, you’ll fall in love with your Self.             

Once you fall in love with your Self, you’ll fall in love with me (God)’.             

Friendship with God, Neale Donald Walsch

Knowing that God has your back, allows for you to have certain mental comforts that’s hard to explain and even harder to grasp when you don’t have that type of faith. Knowing is trusting totally that it’s already been worked out, all you have to do is go through the motions. Yeah, I know in the meantime it’s panic time for most. Anxieties get frantic, patience is lost …

I know, it’s been over 20 years and I have not lost any faith. It’s amazing when God puts in the work and the miracles start coming and coming in droves. It’s a scary JOY that can not even be imagined. Some people would dare say this stuff is simply ‘Dumb Luck’. But I beg to differ nothing wonderful happens haphazardly for nothing. It happens because God’s fingers are on the pulse of it all. It’s an amazing energy that I feel when I’m around real God fearing folks. I’m not tossing any particular religion out there because my God is big enough to encompass and engulf names that keeps us separated.

What if:

  • We all spoke the same language when it comes to GOD – WOW. That would be amazing. But we don’t and to be frank I doubt that we all ever will.
  • We could remove hate out of the equation and truly LOVE OUR NEIGHBOUR. 

It can happen – we can do it! Nothing is impossible! 

Derrick L. Griffin, 10-01-2021