Systematic lynching seemingly appear to be like hunting wild deer. Shot, beaten, fake suicides until only our upper tonsil is left and we are strung up on a tree and are used for target practice and in some cases are mutilated.

Unfortunately, due to our own religious ignorance, more fear is instilled at the very place we call HOLY, a place of sanctuary and/or churches. It’s not a secret that for decades all the paintings and photographs of ‘our’ Lord and Savior are and were European which is ironic as the Bible itself says: ”Hair of wool and feet of brass’. Wool can mean Indian, Persian, Palestinian or African, basically Middle Eastern. No offense to anyone because to date I am a Christian. My pastor is European/Northern Arkansas native and that’s very white and my best support Johanna is white too. So this is NOT about being a racist, I am talking about religious ignorance that subconsciously imbed a psychological level of mental fear.

The knife cuts both ways  


SOME white people absolutely feel they are a step above the rest. So they automatically feel they have and can exert authority whenever or however they deem fit. Compound, the fact they are in the position of POWER.  Again, we all know and agree that not all white people carry this racist torch. Nor are they in representation of the larger white population. These select few do not and repeat do not represent the larger masses of white people. The police that’s committing these atrocities do not represent the larger white race.  But those select few that hate seemingly every other race just because of skin color, these people are our focus.  

My quiz to you all is: ‘What color is the soul?’ You know that the ‘God Particle’ inside of us, makes us all part of the human race. We all are quick to claim some sort of belief in God. Our mouths say one thing but our feet goes in another direction.

New House Bill in Texas

A few days ago for instance, there was a news broadcast talking about a new House Bill in Texas. If turned into law, that will reduce the sentences of violent offenders. Most have served way more than 20 years in prison. The white guy of course came on TV. Furious because of this possible new bill. This is the same type who complains about us receiving a stimulus check, education behind bars and lastly a job in the work place. These serial complainers are the prototypical type that stands in the way of advancement.


Power of love

When do we get to the point of forgiveness? What happened to ‘Thou shall not judge’. Again, we talk one way but we walk in another direction. I’m down with GOD. I’m down with LOVE, I’m down with FORGIVENESS. My hope is to become a quality human being. I love all, I love the human race. Even in the face of hate. Nelson Mandela served almost 2 decades at Robben Island and still had the wherewithal to forgive his capturers. 

To compound love and forgiveness African Americans have forgiven those who enslaved them.

Derrick L. Griffin, 22-04-2021